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Grassroots March Bulletin

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Hi everyone, we hope you’re well.

Welcome to our March bulletin sharing advice for communities and individuals on making positive change from the grassroots, for sustainability and inclusion. If you know anyone who might like our updates, they can sign up for this bulletin here.

Photo: Glasgow, where COP26 was held. Photo credit: Pixabay

Reflecting on COP26

It’s four months since the international climate talks COP26 closed, which many described as our last best hope to tackle the climate emergency. New ground was broken with the Glasgow Climate Pact, but it remains more pressing than ever to work together to ‘bend the emissions curve’, with greenhouse gases continuing to rise globally. You might be interested to read this report card from the Climate Coalition on how well the UK Government is doing.

At Grassroots, we think one of the most important aspects of COP26 was the spotlight thrown into diverse campaigners and communities taking action around the world. Some of our volunteers were involved in events in the COP26 ‘Green Zone’, which showcased community and civil society actions, offering inspiration for all of us. You can watch quick vids and full event recordings from the Green Zone and the main conference here.

Photo credit: Emily Alsop

Advice and ideas on our website

Our website is now packed with ideas and advice on taking local, practical steps within your community and at home, to be more sustainable, and connect with others in the process. If you’re involved in a community group or setting something up, check out our advice for communities. We also have advice for businesses, particularly geared at smaller enterprises, and plenty for families and individuals too. Our advice page for local councils will be published in the coming weeks, so look out for that.

Photo credit: Emily Alsop

How to have an environmentally-friendly garden

No matter what size of garden you have, there are lots of ways that you can transform your space into an environmentally-friendly garden. In our new blog, Sarah shares some tips for how you can create a garden which benefits both people and the planet.

Photo credit: Jools Townsend

Volunteers wanted

Are you passionate about tackling the climate crisis? Do you believe in the power of community action to instigate change? Do you want to help set up a national charity that supports and empowers communities and civil society in trying to build a more positive, sustainable and inclusive future?

We are looking for volunteers to join us at the start of Grassroots’ journey, to help bring to life this exciting venture. We’re especially looking for people with skills in fundraising, communications and voluntary sector development. Find out more and how to apply here. Do share the link with anyone you know who may be interested.

Image credit: BBC

Grassroots likes... The Green Planet documentary series

It goes without saying that the newest David Attenborough documentary is worth a watch and The Green Planet certainly delivers on the great naturalists’ reputation. The time-lapse technique and robotic camera technology allows viewers to see plants like never before; growing, moving, competing and interacting in a similar way to animal behaviour depicted in Attenborough’s other productions. It brings plants to life and explains the science behind their secret lives. In high definition, it is simply a beautiful visual experience, but it is also educational and a brilliant eye-opener to how important and amazing the plants on our planet are.

The Green Plant was first broadcast on BBC on 9th January and all episodes are currently free to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Got a story to tell?

Are you or your community doing something great for sustainability, inclusion and the environment? We’re always keen to hear stories from our network. If you’re interested in sharing your story or writing a guest blog for our website, email or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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