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The low-cost way to be an environmentalist


a person who is concerned about protecting the environment.

"the environmentalist movement"


Hello My Green friends,

Welcome to my first blog post with Grassroots. If you have come across this website, then I imagine you have been trawling the internet looking for ways to enhance your environmental experience. Well, look no further, as a young woman who is currently on her own environmental journey, I hope to share with you the first few steps that I took around four years ago. Trust me, when you make these changes you will be on the constant look out for more ways to make your life more sustainable. So, settle down and enjoy the ride!!

Being an environmentalist can sound hard and expensive. The internet is full of celebrities and government officials telling you all these huge changes have to be made in order to stop us going down in an apocalyptic inferno! However, as much as we may want to change the world, it sometimes seems like we just don’t have the cash. However, when you break it down, the most important thing about being an environmentalist is that you care. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to earn the title. You just have to be concerned enough to make the effort - and not always go for quick and convenient options.

So, lets start with the basics What? Why? Where? And when?

What…Is this product made of?

When…will it break down?

Where…will it end up?

Why… do I need it?

If the answers to the above are Plastic, twenty years, The Ocean and I’m not sure I do, then its more than likely not the most eco option out there.

So, what if I told you that to help you on you environmental journey there are 5 really simple ways you can make positive lifestyle changes that not only help the environment but are kind to your purse strings! So, without further ado, read on and change your life!!!

Say no to the plastic bottle

Did you know according to Recycle now an estimated 35.8 million plastic bottles are used every day but only 19.8 million are recycled every day. How insane is that!! Making the change to a reusable bottle is possibly the easiest and the biggest money saver! On average, each brit will buy 150 plastic bottles of water every year. Imagine what you would save if you just bought one!

There are plenty out there at a range of prices to suit any budget! I bought mine for £8 2 years ago, so thanks to me, there are around 300 less bottles littering the earth.

Ditch the car

O.K., so I don’t drive. This is a mixture of wanting to keep my carbon foot print down, as well as my genuine fear that I will mow down the nice old lady across the street because I’m too busy jammin’. Because of this, I don’t know how difficult or easy giving up a car would be for a lot of people. However, even with lots of new greener cars becoming available, there is no doubt that cars emit a large portion of this countries carbon. In the spirit of hoping for a greener planet, a good compromise is to opt for walking, public transport or even a car share (only of course when its allowed), as and when you can, even if it’s a case of walking to the shops, instead of driving, to pick up a small amount of groceries. Again, it comes down to thinking about your actions and going for the one with the most sustainable outcome!

Brush with bamboo…not plastic

Every year a potential 264 million plastic toothbrushes end up at the dumpsite, and it might surprise you to know that they don’t break down that easy! In fact, it can take around 1000 years for a plastic toothbrush to break down, although you might get different answers depending on who you ask. I don’t know about you though, but to me, anything that doesn’t break down within 6 months is not something I want sitting in landfill. A bamboo tooth brush will cost around £5 and will break down in around 5 months. If you are fan of the electric brush and can’t imagine cleaning your gnashers with anything else, or just really can’t get along with bamboo, then take a look at recyclable toothbrush heads.


Litter makes me both mad and sad at the same time. The effects on wildlife, local scenic routes and communal areas is just devastating. What makes me super mad is when litter is thrown on the floor…next to the bin!!!! The good news is that not being a litterer is without a doubt the cheapest of all environmental changes - it literally costs nothing!! Throw it in the bin, not on the floor. According to keep Britain tidy, more than 2 million pieces of litter are dropped in the U.K every day. That includes crisp packets, plastic bottles and cigarette butts. These things not only make our country look untidy, but also take years and years to break down. It costs the tax payer over £1 billion every year for street cleaning - and that doesn’t even include the local litter picking that is done by the surrounding communities. So bear in mind, if you throw something on the floor, it might just be your kind neighbour picking up after you.

I hope you have found these few tips helpful! For those of you who want to monitor any progress you make in reducing the size of your carbon footprint, click here for the WWF carbon footprint calculator. Be honest in your answers and make realistic targets. Watching your carbon footprint fall will make you feel really good!

Please remember that it’s not a contest, nor are you unable to make mistakes. Being an environmental isn’t about doing more good than someone else. It's about making good choices and doing the best you can to make the world, and your local community, a greener place to be.

Sarah xx


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